Zinga pressure filters provide in-line system protection for sensitive system components like servo valves, pressure Spin-on filters are used as process and safety filters to protect individual pumps, valves or the entire hydraulic circuit from contamination


  • Diameter: 3.1”
  • Mounting Thread: 3/4” – 16 UN
  • Overall Height: 3.4”
  • Operating Pressure: 200 PSI Max. Operating
  • ∆Pmax Cellulose: 50 PSID without by-pass valve
  • Temperature: Up to +250°F Operating
  • Applications: Petroleum-based fluids


  • Suction filters
  • On the return circuit, for mounting on the line or on the tank cover
  • In-line for low and medium pressure applications
  • mowers
  • tow trucks
  • truck-mounted aerial lifts and cranes
  • pavers
  • compactors
  • wood splitters and chippers
  • trenchers
  • utility terrain vehicles


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